Law Office of Patrick A. Than

 Exceptional Legal Representation Since 1990

Patrick A. Than was born in Redwood Falls, Minnesota in 1964.  His family moved to the Golden State in 1967 and has been a Monterey County resident since 1969.  The son of a local area surgeon (Dr. George K. Than, Urologist 1925-1999 R.I.P.) and R.N. mother (Nancy S. Than 1927-2002 R.I.P.) he understands the local culture and attitudes of the legal culture that surrounds this beautiful area.  

Practicing in San Francisco after graduating Law School in 1990 he has all the "Big City" knowledge and toughness that makes him a formidable legal force.  Mr. Than spent a few years honing his international legal skills in South-East Asia from 1999 to 2002, working for and with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the World.

Having felt full of big city life and international travel, he came back to the place he has always called home, the Central Coast of California.  He realized that the area he called home as a younger person was the place he belonged and wanted to help all residents of the surrounding with his twenty-four years of legal skills with a straight forward, no-nonsense, economical approach.